Not like your typical "soft skill" course.

Power Writing hardens your writing skills so you write like an elite professional.

If you've worked in finance, consulting, law, tech, etc. then you've probably sat through tons of corporate training — How to create a financial model? How to be a great public speaker? How to build your personal brand? How to manage a team?

But everyone always overlooks the single most important skill you flex each day at work... writing.

And writing isn't just a skill — it's your daily performance on public display. Power Writing teaches you the principles that'll ensure you write like an elite professional so your work gets recognised and you drive more outcomes.

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Everything university taught you about writing was wrong.

Power Writing teaches you how to write in high-paced workplaces.

If you're like most professionals who spend 60-80% of their day writing emails, drafting memos & strategy papers or creating powerpoint presentations then investing some time and money in levelling up how you write for work seems like a no-brainer.

Especially given (a) how much your professional trajectory can change, and (b) that your work L&D budget should cover the cost (more here about this here).

What's in the course?

In our 3-lesson course, you'll learn frameworks for writing more powerful emails, effective long-form memos and killer powerpoints— and dig into the tangible techniques you and your team can apply daily with our Power Writing Principles ("PWP").

A 3-lesson interactive course taught using real practical examples
Learn the 6 key Power Writing Principles that'll make you 10x more effective at writing for work
50+ before & after examples showing the power of the principles applied to emails, memos and presentations
3+ practical assignments where you can apply the course learnings in the real world
Personalised video feedback on your in-class and homework exercises (watch an example here)
PLUS a bonus lesson recording on how to write for maximum impact on LinkedIn
Good news: most companies will cover the cost of our course as part of the education or L&D budget. Here's how to get it reimbursed.

Here's what people have to say about Power Writing...

Strong expertise...

"Strong subject matter expertise. Your background in IB/VC/media made it feel tailored towards the space I work in. The airbnb pitch deck exercise was really helpful. I have attended other training sessions that have been harder to apply in my day to day tasks. "

A game-changer...

"Power Writing is a game-changer.  Kal shares a simple system that will easily elevate your emails, memos and presentations. My work is clearer, more impactful, and action-focused.  If you want to sharpen your communication at work, try Power Writing."

To the point...

"I recommend Power Writing without hesitation. The content was highly relevant, straight to the point, and could be put it into immediate use. Funny too. A solid investment for anyone that needs their message to be heard in the war for attention."

Brutally honest...

"You are kind of brutally honest but in humble way that comes across as sincere. Punching up at the KKR guys linkedin post was a good example of this. It works."

Highly actionable...

"The Power Writing course was excellent! The content was highly actionable and I am applying principles every day to great effect."

Awesome examples...

"The examples Kal went through which applied the principles (good & bad comparisons), and practical components (in-class and homework) were awesome. I liked how Kal's presi's incorporated memes and humour to communicate points across, and the opportunities at the end to ask questions"


"This is the course I wish someone made me do when I started work.

I got all the training on how to build a model, format a presentation, public speaking, etc... but it wasn't until about 6yrs into my career that I realised I wasn't as effective as I could be when it came to my day-to-day writing.

Writing is the single most important skill you can have. I learned these lessons the hard way, so you don't have to."

Not your typical instructor.

Kal is an ex-Macquarie Capital banker who has started and sold multiple businesses — including Letter of Intent (an M&A publication loved for its writing style).

With a track record of building organizations, motivating teams, and making stuff happen, this course condenses 12+ years of learnings across banking, investing and media so you can be 10x more effective when writing at work.

What will I learn in the course?

Power Writing is a no-nonsense course that teaches you how to level up your writing to the next level. You'll learn how to drive more outcomes, faster and with greater impact.


Power Writing Principles ("PWP")

Become 10x better at writing for work just by applying the 6 Power Writing Principles.

The Power Writing Principles are a super simple, tried and tested approach that ensure you get your message across, clearly and quickly.


Write killer work emails

You spend your entire day sending and reading emails. And emails are most often the first impression you make on someone new (e.g., cold emails to clients).

We teach you the questions you should ask before you even start writing an email + how to structure & write your emails to stand out.


Write memos that get read

Long form documents become lasting, permanent artifacts of your work (e.g., strategy papers, blog posts, internal memos that will be read in years to come).

We teach you when to use memos and how to communicate with clarity and impact in long form writing.


Create compelling presentations

PowerPoint is where you can leverage visual cues to help communicate your ideas and thoughts. But too often they turn into boring slide shows of uninspiring charts and data.

We teach you how to write narratives for presentations so you can elevate your PowerPoint game.

Can you expense Power Writing?

Many companies offer an L&D or education budget that covers the cost of our course. We provide several ways to help make it easy for you to get your course reimbursed.

Email Approval

If you need manager approval, we've drafted a reimbursement template below that you can forward.

View Email Template

Invoice for

After you enroll in Power Writing, you receive an invoice which you can use for expenses and reimbursement.

Certificate of

Once you complete the course, we email you a certificate demonstrating your mastery of Power Writing.

Get Your Manager's Approval

with this simple template.

Hey {manager},

There's a course called
Power Writing that I'd like to take. It's a live, online course with peers in similar roles to mine (e.g., professionals from companies like McKinsey, Mallesons, Goldman and Macquarie looking to level up their workplace communication.)

A few highlights:

  • Teaches you to 10x your writing for work (vs. what's typically taught in academic writing, which is all about big words and long essays)
  • Hands-on working sessions to learn new frameworks and writing hacks to say more, with less
  • Includes the latest thinking on written work comms in the modern workplace

This course will help me level up how I communicate efficiently and effectively. After the course, I can also share the learnings with the team so our entire team can improve.

The course costs $497 (vs. the usual $647).

What do you think?

{Your Name}

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Power Writing better than other courses?

Power Writing is not like your typical skills training course.

It's run by Kal Jamshidi who has 12yrs of experience as an investment banker, startup operator, and media founder who started and sold Letter of Intent in 18mths.

At the end of Power Writing, you'll have the frameworks and templates to crush modern business writing. The course is to the point and designed for elite professionals.

You'll be taught to forget the bad writing habits from your uni days and retrain on the 6x simple Power Writing Principles that'll help you spend less time writing (aka be more efficient) and drive more outcomes (aka be more effective).

Will my work Learning & Development budget cover this?

Yes! Many companies offer Learning & Development (L&D) budgets that go unused. Most students of the course expese Power Writing and we will provide you with a receipt for company reimbursement.

Do I have to start the courses at a certain date or time?

We currently offer Power Writing as a cohort-based course that is run on a particuar day and time. But we get that sometimes life gets in the way which is why we also share a recording that you can watch in case you miss the live class.

I am evaluating this for my team or company. Do you offer corporate training?

Yes! Please email Kal directly at to learn more about bulk corporate discounts.

Do you have a refund policy for the course?

Yes! If after the first lesson you're not happy with the class just email Kal directly at for a full refund.