Become 10x better at writing for work

Your writing has a huge impact on your professional performance. So why doesn't anyone teach us how to write for work?

  • Attention spans are shrinking.
  • Communication platforms are shifting.
  • There's more noise to cut through.

So don't let outdated writing habits hold you back. Learn the proven techniques to be concise and precise so your work gets recognised and you get promoted.

Used by employees of:

"You know how to build a model and format a presentation. But how about writing?

This is the single most important skill you can have. I learned these lessons the hard way, so you don't have to."

Not your typical instructor.

Kal is a former Macquarie banker who has started and sold multiple businesses — including Letter of Intent (an M&A publication loved for its writing style).

With a track record of building organizations, motivating team, and making stuff happen, we know a thing or two about the power of Power Writing.

Excellent written communication changes your professional performance.
Here's why.

Writing is almost all you do at work

Writing emails, drafting memos, preparing slide decks or crafting reports... that's what your typical day probably looks like.

And that's exactly why learning how to write for work is so key to being great at your job.

And it's your most visible work 'product'

There's nothing more visible and permanent than your written work. Every email, memo and presentation becomes a digital, highly circulated representation of you.

And it's often the first thing people see who might not know you - like that email to a potential client.

But you never learn how to write for work

Everything you learned about writing in school or univeristy was DOA the day you started work.

Academia teaches us to whip out the thesaurus, write long essays and bury the answer in the ending. The real world is the opposite. Great writing at work is all about keeping it dead simple and saying more with less.

What will I learn?

Fundamentals that will take your writing to the next level.


Power Writing Principles ("PWP")

Become 10x better at writing for work with our Power Writing Principles.

Our principles give you a toolkit of tried and tested frameworks and writing hacks that help elevate your writing so you get promoted faster.


Write killer work emails

You spend your entire day sending and reading emails. And emails are most often the first impression you make on someone new (e.g., cold emails to clients).

We teach you how to write so your emails stand out.


Write memos that live on

Long form documents become lasting, permanent artifacts of your work (e.g., product specs, blog posts, internal memos that will be read in years to come).

Learn how to communicate with clarity and impact in long form writing.


Create presentations that tell compelling stories

PowerPoint is where you can leverage visual cues to help communicate your ideas and thoughts. But too often they turn into boring slide shows of uninspiring charts and data.

We teach you how to write narratives for presentations so you can elevate your PowerPoint game.

Who's this course for?


You're a banker, consultant, investor, lawyer or any other professional who lives for a well crafted, skimmable email (but rarely receives one).


You're thinking about (or already) managing teams. Drafting internal process or strategy memos is your middle name.

Anyone Looking
to Level Up

You (like the rest of the world) spend most of your work day behind a laptop writing and simply want to level up and write like a boss.

Don't let outdated writing habits hold you back!

Learn to be smart, clear and memorable.

We teach the techniques & templates to write killer emails, presentations and memos. Stand out as an individual and make your team more effective overall.

Join our next cohort today.

In our 4-lesson course, you'll learn proven frameworks for writing more powerful emails, effective long-form memos and killer powerpoints— and dig into the tangible techniques your team can apply daily with our Power Writing Principles ("PWP").

  • 4x virtual workshops taught live as a cohort
  • Interactive hands-on learning, not passive listening
  • Learn proven frameworks & powerful  techniques
  • Master writing for work, get promoted faster

Applications now open for our next cohort kicking off on May 1, 2024.

How much does it cost?

Sign up today & pay $497.

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Can you expense Power Writing?

Many companies offer an L&D or education budget that covers the cost of our courses. We provide several ways to help you get your course reimbursed.

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After you enroll in Power Writing, you receive an invoice which you can use for expenses and reimbursement.

Email - Course X Webflow Template

Email Template

If you need manager approval before enrolling, we've drafted a reimbursement template below that you can forward.

Email Your Manager
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Certificate of Completion

Once you complete the course, we email you a certificate of completion demonstrating your mastery of Power Writing.

Get Your Manager's Approval

with this simple template.

Hey {manager},

There's a course called
Power Writing that I'd like to take. It's a live, online course with peers in similar roles to mine (e.g., professionals from companies like McKinsey, Wesfarmers, and Goldman) looking to level up their workplace communication.

A few highlights:

  • Teaches you to 10x your writing for work (vs. what's typically taught in academic writing, which is all about big words and long essays)
  • Hands-on working sessions to learn new frameworks and writing hacks to say more, with less
  • Includes the latest thinking on written work comms in the modern workplace

This course will help me level up how I communicate efficiently and effectively. After the course, I can also share the learnings with the team so our entire team can improve.

The course costs $497.

What do you think?

{Your Name}

P.S. Other teams have sent a few people to the course together because it's an efficient way to get shared context that otherwise takes back-and-forth time to build. It might make sense for us to send a few folks to this course.